Hemorrhoid the blood it ll go away? Or do I learn to live with it or something else? I'm 50 2years ago got sigmoidoscopy because blood in bowl movement, dr said hemorrhoid, this year, got blood test for cancer' and regular physical, came out ok, but so

Hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are a benign condition that occasionally become severe enough that surgery is needed. Many hemorrhoids can be managed by a change in diet to increase the amount of fiber. Straining with bowel movements is the chief cause of hemorrhoids.
Having . Having blood in your bowel movement is concerning. Hemorrhoids typically but not always cause pain. If you are having these persistent sympotms, you should have a colonoscopy to be on the safe side. Please look into resources in your community so that you can have this performed. You can call a local GI clinic and see if they would see you or if they can refer you so that you can get this performed.