Is skin resurfacing always done with chemical peels? I want to have my skin resurfaced to help get rid of my acne scars and sun spots, but I feel like a chemical peel might be too harsh on my sensitive skin. Are there any other skin resurfacing options th

Yes, . Yes, skin resurfacing to treet acne scars and sunspots can be done with lasers. Besides chemical peels dermabrasion is another option. The goal with any of the treatments is to remove the outer layers of skin cell to then allow the body to reline with new, fresh skin cells. I wouldn't say that one method is any less harsh than the other necessarily. That are lasers available that are non-ablative (don't actually remove skin cells) that can help treat pigmentation problems. This would be less harsh for your skin but wouldn't be expected to improve your acne scarring.
Not always. Skin resurfacing is performed by a variety of techniques - chemical peels are only one option. Other options include dermabrasion and laser resurfacing (done with a variety of lasers depending upon degree of scarring). The best option for you would depend upon the how deep your acne scars are and how extensive your "sun spots" are.