Is there a chance that my skin might be discolored after labiaplasty? What are the most frequent side effects of labiaplasty? I am a woman in my 30's. Having researched the labiaplasty procedure on the internet, I read about some side effects like skin di

Possible not probabl. While discoloration is possible it is not probable. In fact most patients prefer the appearance afterwards because the labiaplasty eliminates the darker portions that patients frequently dislike. However, a review of your surgeons photos will likely give you a good idea of what to expect. To see photos of over 150 labiaplasty procedures visit bodysculptor.Com.
Possible, not likely. You should set up a consultation with a Board Certified plastic surgeon who is experienced in vaginal rejuvenation surgeries. Be sure to view their patient before and after photo galleries, discuss your specific goals, and ask a lot of questions during your consult. Scars are typically very fine and well hidden. See more: ttps://
Skin discoloration. Changes in skin color can happen with labiaplasty along the incision line, but they are not universal. This is amongst the reasons I use my current technique as it tends to minimize them.
There . There are a number of surgical techniques to perform labiaplasty. The side effects are dependent on the technique used. In older techniques, the formation of a scar on the visible labia is 100%, nerve injury is about 30%, and painful intercourse can occur in 10%. The numbers are better with newer techniques, but there are at least 10 different techniques that i know of. During your consultation, have your doctor explain how the surgery is performed and the risks with their technique. I conducted research with a fellow plastic surgeon that developed a new surgical technique for labiaplasty. We created flaps that preserve the nerves and blood supply, and the minimize the scars on the visible labia. All patients maintained sensation and no patients had pain with intercourse. Satisfaction rates were over 95%. So again, it is highly surgeon and technique dependent.