Will intense pulsed light (ipl) technology get rid of my varicose veins? I have a few large reddish-purple varicose veins on the inside of my left leg just lower than my knee. They bulge out and are so ugly. I feel uncomfortable wearing shorts or skirts t

Probably not. I agree with drs. Hansen and d. Ipl might work for very fine spider veins but if your veins are bulging, you are liekly to be disappointed with the results you get from ipl. I would recommend seeing a vein specialist (phlebologist) who can evaluate your legs to make sure that there is no undersying vein trouble. If there isn't, then smaller veins can probably best be treated with sclerotherapy.
No. Ipl is not a good treatment option for varicose veins. I do believe though that you are not talking about varicose veins. I believe you are talking about venulectasias which tend to be very superficial reddish purple veins that area about 1 to 2 mm in size. These tend to respond best to sclerotherapy. Lasers would be my second choice. If they are very small the ipl might work.
Visibly . Visibly bulging veins in the legs are often the result of venous reflux, a condition where the blood in the deep veins of the leg is misdirected to the surface veins in a reverse flow pattern , rather than to the heart, as intended. These veins are best treated by identifying the sources of venous reflux that feed them, and shutting them down. Traditionally , this was done surgically with the all too familiar vein stripping procedure. The standard of care these days for treating venous reflux is an endovenous ablation (ablation from inside the vein) technique, like the vnus procedure or evlt. Intense pulse light (ipl) is a great tool for treating very fine vessels, (1mm or less) or for venous matting (appearance of very fine mesh of red vessels in previously treated or traumatized areas). It will not work on larger vessels generally speaking, and definitely not for bulging leg veins.
Varicose veins. If they are bulging it indicates that there is an underlying valve dysfunction Pulsed light or any local therapy many not be helpful.