How long should I wait between hyaluronidase injections? I had some work done under my eyes and do not like the results. I have had one hyaluronidase injection but am not satisfied yet with how I look. How long do I need to wait between injections?

Hyaluronidase . The timing and location of hyaluronidase-based product injections should be individualized. It is best make sure that the product is well tolerated and that the patient is satisfied with the improvement the filler provides before proceeding with subsequent injections. An experienced surgeon should be able to advise on the appropriate timing of follow-up injections.
As . As a rule, i ask patients to wait at least two weeks to let the swelling and bruising go down so we can get an accurate assessment. If you try to evaluate the injection before that, you mau be disappointed. The lower lid (under eye) area is relatively unforgiving. Going slow here is the best bet. Hope that helps.