Is it likely for a pregnancy urine test to fail with ectopic pregnancy? I have tried a urine test 3 days after missed period. The test was taken in the morning

Yes. Urine pregnancy test have improved in sensitivity of the last 10 years however, if you body didn't secret enough of the urine pregnancy hormone yet ( sometimes 3 days too early)..; you may get a negative test whereas if you waited a few more days it would have been positive.
There . There is a chance, due to lower pregnancy hormone levels, that an ectopic pregnancy will go undetected via a urine pregnancy test. If you suspect an ectopic pregnancy and are experiencing signs/symptoms (lower abdominal pains, vaginal spotting, missed period) you must seek medical attention right away. The pregnancy can be verified via a blood test, and ectopic via ultrasound. An ectopic pregnancy can be life threating, causing fallopian tubes to rupture and bleed. Other reasons for a missed period can be increased physical activity, stress, hormonal changes and malnutrition.

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14 days late and got a weak +ve urine test a lab. Could it be ectopic? Why weak so long after missed period?

Early HCG rise. In early pregnancy the beta HCG rises fairly rapidly by doubling its' value every 2 or 3 days. A quantitative blood test done by a MD will be able to determine that HCG value as to whether or time it is rising rapidly or not. The qualitative test (home test) only says YES or NO by its color change. Ectopic pregnancies rise very slowly with HCG and MD's then look for pregnancy location. Read more...

I have a positive pregnancy test 6 days before my missed period, what is my chance to have an ectopic pregnancy although I don't have any risk factors?

Depends on other risks. Your risk of ectopic pregnancy depends on your other risk factors. If you have had a previous ectopic pregnancy, pelvic infection endometriosis or pelvic surgery see your doctor for an early ultrasound. Read more...

Can this be an ectopic pregnancy: missed period (8 days in), dull pain in left lower abdomino, negative pregnancy test, history of ectopic pregnancy?

Unlikely. It is unlikely an ectopic pregnancy, but there are other things that can give you this type of pain, including acure appendicitis (although that is usually right and center). You need to be checked, though, sooner than later. Read more...