I had my blood drawn for a blood serum CPK which was 143 normal is below 140 also a liver test AST that was 41 normal is lower also I do have some muscle pain, but I do have fibromalgia should I be worried

Not sure. Your blood work up appears to be normal. You may have fibromylgia symptoms.
The . The elevations in your CPK and ast are both only minimally above the upper limit of normal and very likely are of no clinical significance. Many people, including those with no health problems, will have such minor abnormalities either on a single occasion or even on repeated testing. For instance, even modest exercise can lead to elevations in the CPK and ast. I would suggest that you have the tests repeated after not exercising or consuming alcohol for at least the previous 5-7 days. If they remain elevated, work with your doctor to find out if there is a problem or not.