How long do the results of a thread face lift typically last? I'm starting to see my face "slide." will a thread face lift at my age (38) take care of the problem so I won't need surgery later on, or is it just a temporary fix? .

Temporary fix. A thread lift typically lasts 12 months therefore it is only a temporary fix. A thread lift will not change your need for surgery in the future, it in no way prevents other facial surgery.
Most. Most plastic surgeons are not offering the "thread lift" because it does not seem to hold up long term. For patients that do not wish to have a surgical procedure such as a facelift, there are some options such as the use of fillers if the patient is a candidate.
Thread lifts... Have been a big disappointment, with very short term results, early recurrences and palpable threads. It's not a good solution.
Thread. Thread lift vs. Facelift thread lifts have been around for a while now and they have not really become very popular. When they were first introduced they seemed like a good idea at first glance. Unfortunately, they don't really hold up. In my opinion, thread lifts look good for about six months. The tissue around the threads will loosen in time and sag around the threads. After one year I would challenge anyone to look at before and after photos and be able to identify which is before and which is after. Many different threads and techniques have been tried and nothing has worked out so far. Another thing to consider is that if you decide to have a facelift after having a thread lift it is likely that your surgeon would be picking that foreign material out of your face while doing your facelift. This makes the facelift a more difficult procedure to perform and probably increases infection risks. Just like the marketed mini-facelifts, thread lifts seem like a good idea but don't really work out the way most people would like. If you would like facial rejuvenation and need a facelift for the best results, there are no worthy shortcuts. I hope this info helps!
Thread lift. The thread lift is an obsolete procedure. It has fallen out of favor and no one performs them.
1yr threadlift. This is the best you can get from thread lift. It is temporary and not a good fix. If you want to buy time then use fillers instead, especially sculptra will work well to help sculpt the face till you are ready for a traditional facelift.
Temporary fix. I do not recommend thread lift for anyone as it is expensive, temporary and many times does not meet patient expectations. Wait until you need a mini lift or neck lift before any surgery. Fillers may be a good temporary fix before surgical interventions!
Short term results. Thread lifts are a short term fix a matter of months for the correction to last. The threads may also complicate traditional surgery. It is best used in the brow and mid face very limited benefit in the neck.
The. The age old mantra, "if it sounds too good to be true, it almost always is", definitely applies to this procedure which has been largely abandoned by plastic surgeons. Introduced over 10 years ago, the thread lift was yet another "new and improved" procedure adopted primarily by physicians attempting to enter the cosmetic surgery market. Results were largely disappointing and short-lived at best as well as being plagued by palpable and sometimes visible sutures. Modern facelift surgery remains the gold standard for rejuvenation of the mid-face, jowl/neck region and, if performed well, yields natural results which should last 10 or more years in the majority of cases.