Do I really need septoplasty? I have a lot of sinus problems and a deviated septum, but I can breath. I don't think I breath as well as other people do, but I can breath. I have other problems that might contribute to my sinus issues like allergies and h

Septal deviation. The only treatment is surgery. Have your nose evaluated by a board certified otolaryngologist,
It . It is quite common for a deviated septum to cause blockage on only one side of the nose. It is rare that it would cause complete blockage, so the question really is how much your nasal symptoms bother you. I find that improving fixed obstructions in the nose like a deviated septum and enlarged turbinates can help with allergies symptoms as you are given a lot more leeway in your nose when you do get additional congestion from allergies.
There . There is a lot you don't tell me here. Have you had an evaluation for chronic sinus infection, including a sinus ct scan? What did it show? If you had one i'm guessing it didn't show much given the recommendation is for septoplasty and turbinate surgery, not sinus surgery. If you can't breathe through one side of your nose, that is significant nasal obstruction, and you should have the surgery. Loss of sense of smell from septal surgery and inferior turbinate surgery alone would be very rare. If you are having sinus surgery , or take down of a concha bullosa (a hollow turbinate) of the middle turbinates that risk exists. It's still not very high, however, so long as most of the middle turbinate is left in place. Septoplasty and turbinate reduction could significantly help your allergy issues, in terms of stuffy nose and to some extent nasal drainage. Heartburn is not likely highly contributing to your stuffy nose. It could cause you to have throat drainage and throat clearing symptoms. I would either further discuss your questions with your otolaryngologist or get a second opinion.