What's the safest treatment for the sun damage on my face and shoulders? I used to sunbathe every day when I was younger. Now that I'm in my 40s, I'm seeing more wrinkles and dark spots every day, and I've been told that my face and shoulders have sun dam

First . First of all, i would recommend that you use a good broad spectrum sunscreen everyday with an spf of 30 or greater. In addition, for your face, i would recommend that you consider using a combination of tretinoin (retin-a) combined with the obagi skin care system. This combination will improve the texture, fine lines, and blend in the sun damage for many patients. Lastly, an intense pulsed light laser treatment(s) can be helpful for decreasing the brown spots on your face and shoulders.
Sunblock. Using a reflective block will assist in preventing additional damage. There is sun block clothing that is good for the outdoors. Ipl or intense pulsed light will assist the damage to your face as will glycolic acid products and anti-oxidants. The products may be applied to the shoulder area but ipl is not best for this region.