Is it safe for a pregnant woman to take hydrocodine throughout her pregnancy? I have a friend that takes the pain medicine hydrocodine and shes going on her fifth month.

Hydrocodone. Hydrocodone has been assigned to pregnancy category c by the fda. Hydrocodone should only be given during pregnancy when benefit outweighs risk. In general, it's not recommended to continue narcotic in the pregnancy.
Research . Research shows that hydrocodone has caused birth defects in hamsters, making this a category c drug, which are not typically recommended to pregnant women. Ingestion of hydrocodone during the latter part of pregnancy will deliver narcotics to the unborn baby, and the baby may suffer from narcotic withdrawal once it is born. It is important to note that if a women is taking hydrocodone (or any other medication) under the supervision of her doctor, then this can be okay. It could be that the benefits outweigh the risks - for instance if someone is under a lot of pain that causes the body to stress, this can be more detrimental to the pregnancy and baby.