Is there a treatment available that will completely remove chickenpox scars? The chickenpox scars on my face and neck really bother me, and I'm tired of trying to hide them with makeup. I'd like to have them removed, but I'm afraid that i'll choose the wr

There. There are a few ways of treating chickenpox scars and the best method depends a lot on what the scars actually look like. Broad shallow scars can be treated with a resurfacing procedure to remove outer layers of skin cells and then have a new layer grow in to reline the area. More narrow, deep scars may need to be directly excised first, followed by resurfacing. Resurfacing can be done via dermabrasion (mechanical sanding process) or laser resurfacing.
There. There are several ways to deal with chickenpox scars; the methods used mirror the techniques employed to remove acne scars. Depending on the number, depth, location, and type (i.e., icepick, boxcar, rolling, hypertrophic) of scars you have, your choices of treatments could consist of chemical and/or mechanical peels, needling, injections, laser, and excisional techniques. The costs of these different procedures vary a good deal, but an appropriately chosen modality can either eliminate your scars completely or reduce them to the point that they'll be far less noticeable. Contact a dermatologist in your area for an evaluation (your regular doctor can direct you to dermatologists who are experienced in scar removal). After performing an examination, he/she can more fully discuss the options that would work best for you. Good luck!