My boyfriend is overweight and I'm at a normal weight, does that mean that my baby will be overweight or big when giving birth? No one in his family or my family is overweight. He is 1 of 5 brothers, and a sister and they are all at a normal weight. My bo

Not necessarily. It all depends which genetic pool he gets and how is going to be the life style and habits of child.
Unfortunately, . Unfortunately, as you know, your boyfriend is not at a healthy weight. I would suspect his weight has been slowly increasing over the years. It is important that he checks with his doctor to explore some of those metabolism issues. Otherwise, it's simply that he is consuming more calories than he is using. You are at a healthy weight. Your baby's birthweight is most affected by your starting weight, and how your weight is controlled during the pregnancy. After he/she is born, you can expect normal growth. However, in the toddler years, if you and your boyfriend have not established healthier eating patterns - your child will likely add weight. Now is the time to make a change! good luck and good health!