Will a lumpectomy leave my breasts dramatically uneven? Will a lumpectomy really removed that much tissue that I will need to consider padding my bra to keep things looking symmetrical? What are the most common options for reconstructive surgery on breast

Reconstruction. Of the breast can be performed, if the lumpectomy leaves a big defect. Fat grafting can be quite helpful for this.
Size of lumpectomy? The answer to your question really is a function of the size of the lumpectomy relative to your breast size. A small resection of 3 cm mass in a dd cup breast may make a very minimal change as opposed to an a cup breast. Options range from making the larger breast smaller or making the smaller breast larger with external prostheses, implants or fat transfer.
Most likely. Most lumpectomy patients will see some size difference. But most women's breasts are unequal. Also expect radiation which is coupled with lumpectomy will also reduce your breast size. Options for partial breast recon include fat grafting, lat flap and in some cases a breast implant. Or if the other breast is to big it could be made smaller.
A . A lumpectomy will result in a scar and possible indentation; the larger the breast, the less likely that it would be significant. Several factors will affect this: the size and location of the tumor or lesion, the needed margins, the breast size and shape, and skin quality to name a few. A breast lift may not be an option if additional surgery or radiation is anticipated. The surgeon performing your lumpectomy should direct you to a colleague should this be an option.
It . It is very likely that an identical lift procedure can be performed on both breasts that will make the lumpectomy irrelevant. The best thing to do is have a discussion about scar placement with the surgeon performing the lumpectomy so that it is placed in skin that will be removed with the lift or if possible have the plastic surgeon work together with the oncological surgeon at the same time. All the best, rian a. Maercks M.D.