Can retin-a be used every day for my facial wrinkles? I'm considering using retin-a cream to reduce the deep wrinkles on my forehead and cheeks. Will it lessen the appearance of my wrinkles if I only use it weekly? If I use this for years to come, is it s

RetinA Helps Lines. Retin a (tretinoin) used regularly is one of many things that will help improve the health, and subsequently, the appearance of the skin of the face. It can be used every day, as long as it is not causing irritation or redness.
Retin-A . Retin-a is safe to use long-term. It is usually applied every 1 to 3 days depending on how sensitive your skin is. I often have patients start with an every 3rd day routine and build up to more frequent application slowly over several weeks. Retin-a is best for fine lines so it may not have much effect on your deeper creases. The effect of Retin-A takes a few months to be evident so you have to stick with it to see the results.