Is there a treatment available that can make the large pores on my nose less noticeable? I'm very self-conscious about the large pores on and below my nose, and makeup only makes them stand out more. What kind of treatment should I consider to refine the

Facials and Derm. You can begin with gentle cleansing and visiting with a licensed facial cosmetologist at a reputable salon/spa. If simple interventions are not effective, work with a dermatologist who can help you figure out your bet skin care regimen. Makeup with only draw more attention to the area, especially if not well done.
I . I am still looking for that magic treatment! there are lots of claims out on the market, but nothing seems to work very well for that purpose. Most of my patients with large pores use tretinoin cream to keep the skin texture smooth, pores unclogged, and slightly exfoliated which tends to help the pores seem a bit smaller, although I am not sure they really are.