Will blepharoplasty help droopy eyelids caused by myasthenia gravis? I have the neuromuscular disorder known as myasthenia gravis which has caused my lower eyelids to be droopy. This is becoming an increasing problem since it is effecting both my vision a

Ptosis surgery. Myasthenia affects the levator muscle of the eyelid creating a droop in the eyelid. Usually medical treatment can alleviate most symptoms but also a tightening or shortening of this muscle helps to raise the eyelid. Removing the excess skin also can help in people with lots of heavy excessive skin. Try to visit an oculoplastic surgeon for this issue.
A . A blepharoplasty will usually not help your droopy eyelids caused by myasthenia gravis. Most blepharoplasties primarily address the excess skin in the eyelid. While they may remove and tighten some muscle this will not improve and may worsen the symptoms of mg.