Are breast lifts successful when they are combined with breast augmentation revision surgery? I need to have revision surgery for my breast augmentation because one of my implants bottomed-out, but I'm not sure whether I should have implants again. Will m

Yes, Depends on you. Our office does this all the time. Please seek out an experienced board certified plastic surgeon, as there are often many variables at play in these cases. Take to the appointment photos that you like. This may help get everyone on the same page.
Yes. Sometimes a breast lift is a necessary adjunct to revision breast augmentation. Over time the breast tissue sags and the implant stays where it is. Replacing the implant might only address half the problem. A mostopexy or breast lift may be necessary although staging the procedure is often helpful.
More complex surgery. While these are commonly combined, this will increase the complexity of the surgery and may increase the potential for a revisionary procedure.
There . There is no way to answer your question without knowing some more details about your situation. As a general rule "bottoming out" is a situation that can be fixed with a simple pocket revision, usually with new implants being placed in the place of your old ones. This new surgery gives you an opportunity to increase your size or possibly decrease your size if you desire. It certainly is felt to be appropriate by most surgeons to perform a lift procedure at the same time that your implants are exchanged. The best doctors will take two things in very strong consideration and, in the end, allow you to make the decision. Those two issues include: 1. Your desire for what type of result you want, including your concern or lack of concern regarding scarring. 2. The evaluation of your skin and other tissue quality as well as measurements that will be taken at the time of your consultation. I hope this helps, good luck!
More complex. When you combine implants and a lift. Have a very candid conversation with your surgeon and get a few opinions.
Need Consultation. Based on your description, i think you will be best off seeking consultation with board-certified plastic surgeons who can demonstrate significant experience with revisionary breast surgery. Only after careful examination and a full communication of and goals, will you be able to receive precise/meaningful advice. Best wishes.
Yes . Yes it certainly is possible but extra care has to be taken so that the implants can be supported in an aesthetic shape. This is exactly why I use the cold-subfascial technique. It allows lasting support to create a beautiful tear-drop shaped breast. If support is not returned the breasts will quickly bottom out and have displacement to the sides. Using the fascia allows relocating the breast to an aesthetic place and shape that appears natural. All the best, rian a. Maercks M.D.