Is this symptoms of a brain tumor? Its hard to sleep. It felt better if I put pressure on my left side of the face when I sleep to relieve the pain. My left side of the brain is aching. It started behind the eyes. Then it starts to develop little tingling

Not likely. These symptoms are not likely a brain tumor. But it would be worth seeing your doctor or a neurologist.
Symptoms . Symptoms of a brain tumor can vary greatly, and depend on what area of the brain is affected by the tumor. Your symptoms do not exactly scream brain tumor, but more of a possible bell's palsy, temporal arteritis, or a cluster or tension headache. Regardless this is an issue that needs to be evaluated by your primary care provider right away. A detailed history of your problem and directed exam including a neurological one will be useful in determining the cause of your symptoms in order to get appropriate treatment started. Good luck.