I have been feeling extremely tired lately, I also have been getting really light headed when I work out, and I feel really weak what could be wrong

Possibly anemia. Anemia in an otherwise young, healthy person would be pretty uncommon. It would cause the symptoms you describe, however. Malnutrition, certain viral infections (e.g. Ebv), hypothyroidism are some other possibilities. I would have a check up with your primary care doc as this certainly sounds abnormal.
The . The symptoms you have are concerning. There are many potential causes of fatigue and light-headedness. It is important that you have a medical evaluation and possibly blood work. Let your physician know all of your symptoms. Let your physician know if you are able to eat normally, are having any nausea or diarrhea, any urinary changes, any weight loss or gain, and any other symptoms that you are having. If you develop increased weakness or pass out then you must be seen as an emergency.