Have just completed ivig infusions, 4g 1x/wk x 10 weeks with no positive results for the tx of multifocal motor neuron neuropathy throughout tx my rle continued to lose function, distally to proximal although sensation remained intact. No other effects I

Multifocal . Multifocal motor neuropathy (mmn) and motor neuronopathy (which includes a number of conditions including amyotrophic lateral sclerosis [als]) are complicated neuromuscular conditions that loosely resemble each other in terms of symptoms, but that should become more divergent with careful examination and thorough electrodiagnostic and laboratory testing. It would be unusual (but not impossible) for mmn to occur in the lower limbs. Because the implications of both conditions are serious, a "second opinion" or "confirmatory consultation" from an experienced, board-certified neurologist with additional fellowship training in neuromuscular disorders, should always be considered. Such expertise can usually be found at university medical centers, although in some cases a trip to a national center of excellence may be required to clarify the situation.
See a sub-specialist. If i read y our message correctly, you received 4 (four) g of ivig per week. This would be a low dose for the disease. I suggest you see a neurologist who specializes in motor neuron diseases. Based on where you live, i would suggest the university of florida or mayo clinic.