How long should I wait before having evisceration eye surgery? I lost my sight to a degenerative eye disease, and because my optic nerve has died, I've been advised to have evisceration eye surgery. What problems might I have if I wait a year for the surg

It depends. Generally we recommend removing an eye that doesn't see only if there is pain that cannot be controlled medically, if the eye has infection or tumor that can spread to the rest of the body, or for cosmesis. Your situation would depend on what symptoms you might have.
Evisceration . Evisceration is a method of taking an eye out. We generally try not to remove an eye unless it becomes unsightly or painful to the patient. Over time, the eye can lose its ability to keep itself "inflated" or conversely the pressure inside the eye can skyrocket. Both these conditions can lead to discomfort and pain. Abnormal blood vessels can grow as well. If any of these conditions applies to you, you may consider having your eye removed for comfort or for improved appearance.