How do I decide what intensity of facial peels I should have done? I am entering my 50s but already have some light wrinkles on my face, particularly around my eyes. I want to have some facial peels done to treat these wrinkles before they worsen. I have

Talk to your Dr. Discuss your desired result with your surgeon they will determine what strength of a peel that you need to achieve your desired result.
For. For treating wrinkles around the eyesthere are several options. For reducing fine lines and texture, tretinoin (commonly known as retin-a) cream can be helpful although it can be irritating. Other options might include Botox for the crow's feet around the eyes and also laser resurfacing. Typically, chemical peels are used to improve sun damage, the texture of damaged skin, and pigment abnormalities. In general, superficial chemical peels such as the glycolic peel or salicylic acid peel help with texture and pigment abnormalities with little "downtime" whereas medium depth chemical peels such as a tca peel make a larger impact on texture, pigment abnormalities, wrinkles, and acne scarring although there is more "downtime" after the peel.