Is 75 too old for glaucoma medication to be effective? My father was just diagnosed with open-angle glaucoma. If he has laser surgery to correct the problem, will he be at risk of developing the condition again in the future? .

Open-angle . Open-angle glaucoma is a chronic condition for which there is no known cure. The goal of treatment in most cases is to reduce the eye's intraocular or internal pressure. There are many treatment options including laser and/ or eye drop use, which are usually very effective in controlling glaucoma. In some cases, the pressure can be lowered with a laser procedure (selective laser trabeculoplasty or slt), which may need to be performed 1-3 times every 5-7 years and alone can be effective or may require additional eye drop use. Slt laser in recent studies has not been shown to less effective with advancing age. The proper treatment for your father, whether slt, another laser procedure, or eye drop use, depends based on your father's case specifics. Discuss all options and the goals of treatment with your father's ophthalmologist. Good luck.
No. Most patients who have glaucoma use eyedrops to control the disease. Laser can also lower the pressure but is not more effective than eyedrops. In all cases, laser treatment will wear off over time, usually 2-4 years. Glaucoma is incurable, and treatment must be continued for the rest of his life.