Are medical facials more beneficial than a facial done at my favorite day spa? I recently heard about medical facials. How do they compare to a normal facial? Is there an added benefit that makes one a better choice than the other? .

Medical . Medical facials for the most part are designed to provide levels of improvement that can't be achieved at salons. If you only want your skin cleaned or moisturized and like the relaxation component, then a salon facial usually can't be beat. But, if you have clogged pores, temperamental skin, discoloration issues, or active skin conditions like acne or rosacea, then definitely a medical practice will provide the best results and options that a spa cannot. Spas cannot perform the same levels of extractions for acne and cannot provide medical-level light or laser treatments that are sometimes required to see real changes in skin behavior. In california, lasers and light treatments (such as fraxel or ipl) must performed by a registered nurse, physician assistant or physician.