Doea a Parkinson's patient smell imaginary odors? I have this disease have been smelling same odor now for a least two months. Am imagining this?

Anosmia. In Parkinsons disease loss of sense of smell is the usual outcome not having a certain odor.
Loss . Loss of the sense of smell may be one of the first symptoms of parkinson's disease, often occurring long before the tremor and stiffness starts, but "imaginary odors" (or "olfactory hallucinations") are not commonly reported. The sense of a persistent odor may be objective and accurate (that is, others should be able to smell it too), may be objective but inaccurate (that is, others can smell an odor, but the subject smells it differently) or may be purely subjective (only the subject can smell it). Purely subjective smells can come from a wide variety of causes, including problems affecting the inner nose and mouth (called the oropharynx), side effects of medications, or even seizures. Loss of, or change in, ability to smell things might seem to be a fairly benign problem, but deeper consideration reveals it to pose a serious risk. Smells often warn us of serious problems, like a gas leak (an odor is added to natural gas to help us detect it), food unfit to eat, unclean conditions (like soiled furniture or clothing), or even the presence of certain diseases. Because loss of, or change in, ability to smell affects an important function, it is a very good idea to review such problems with a physician.