How do I treat a strained obtrator externus? Martail arts student, I over stetched I have using ice and heat and taking pills for inflamation and the pain is just minimal but not gone. When can I start stretching again?

A . A strain to the obturator externus is a pretty specific diagnosis. I'm not sure if the diagnosis could be accurately made without an mri. There are many other injuries and conditions that could cause deep buttock and/or medial hip/groin pain. In addition to trying to confirm the diagnosis of a strain to the obturator externus, i would also want to rule out referred problems from the back (including bulging discs, pyriformis syndrome), stress fracture of the pelvis, synchondrosis of the ischium, osteiitis pubis, adductor strain, pelvic floor dysfunction, hernias.....The type of treatment that would be most effective will depend on the diagnosis. As far as who you should see to get a diagnosis, it should be someone who is conversant with the conditions on this list.