My girlfriend got pregnant while taking suboxene. She stopped taking it, and is now having withdrawals. Her obgyn told her to go to a methadone clinic. Is she serious?

Yes. Yes I believe she is serious. Methadone has been used successfully and safely with pregnant women for over 30 years. Methadone has proven to be safe during pregnancy with little risk to mother and infant, and is actually necessary to prevent relapse. So if your goal is to keep mom and baby safe, I suggest you take the advice that the doctor has given. All the best to you, your girlfriend, and baby on the way.
I hope not. .. Unfortunately, Methadone is the only treatment for opioid dependence that is currently approved by the fda for use during pregnancy. However, if you check around, some Suboxone certified physicians will prescribe Buprenorphine plain in order to taper off.