Is there a way that I can get anti-depressants without my parents knowing? I am still on my parent's insurance since I am in college and only 18, but I have been severely depressed for the last few years and cannot seem to get past it. They are against an

If . If you are 18 years old, you do not legally need your parent's permission for medication now. If you are in college, you can speak with the staff doctor. The chart should remain confidential unless it is court ordered to be reviewed (which is not likely, they would have to have grounds, such as concern for your safety that were not with in what is considered standard of care. And anti-depressants are certainly standard.). Or, if you were at risk to harm yourself or someone else and you were hospitalized and your parents were notified, i guess there would be potential for your parents finding out, even though it should still be confidential. You can also go to a clinic that offers low-cost, sliding scale fee for service, usually called a mental health center. That way it will not be on your parents insurance. However, again, even if it is on your parent's insurance, you will receive a "hippa" statement before even going in to see the doctor that will explain your entitlement to confidentiality. If you have any questions before the visit, feel free to ask the staff or provider.
Cash pay. One way that will not leave an insurance paper trail to your parents, would be to pay cash for the visit and not use the insurance. A lot of pharmacies now have select medications (even antidepressants)available for $4 for a 30 day supply without insurance. I would be afraid that using the insurance would lead to an insurance statement going to your parents.Too bad they can't be on board.