I received some partial information about a test for estrogen. Is "9" in normal limits? I've been crying and having anxiety issues for over a year. I also have Lyme disease and perhaps bartonella.

Labs vvvvary. I would want to see that lab's reference range and whether test was saliva, urine or blood to answer if that's a normal resuult. Could be manopause symptoms, but both bartonella and lyme disease can cause anxiety and depression. You need a thorogh eval but a lyme literate and hormone literate docmeno.
Different . Different labs use different ranges of "normal" "high" and "low" for the tests they run, so a 9 from one lab might be normal and a 9 from another lab might not be. The other thing that makes estrogen tricky in particular is that "normal" varies throughout the month according to your menstrual cycle which will also affect the reading of the test. The best thing to do is to call the doctor that ordered the test and speak with them. They will have the normal range numbers from that particular lab available to them and will be able to give you the information you need.