How easily can I catch hepatitis b, and is the vaccination for hepatitis b safe? A new client I am taking care of has hep b. Taking care includes spoon feeding, diaper changing, transfers between chair and bed, ect. My question is- how easy is it to catch

Get vaccinated. Anyone in the health care business who works with patients should get vaccinated against hep b. It is a very safe vaccine to take.
I . I added 2 links below from the center of disease control that answers all of your questions in depth. To summarize: you can only catch hepatitis b from: - birth - mom to baby transmission - sharing needles with an infected person - having sex with an infected person - being in direct contact with the blood or open sores of an infected person - sharing a tooth brush or razor with an infected person (because of bleeding with those 2 activities) you cannot catch hepatitis b through breastfeeding, saliva, sharing utensils, hugging, kissing, touching, coughing or sneezing. I'm not sure what your "1 in 3" statistic is referring to. 6-10% of adults with hepatitis b go on to have chronic hepatitis b (that means in 90-94% of people, it just goes away). 15-25% of people with chronic hepatitis b will go on to have liver disease. You should get the vaccination - especially since you work in a healthcare setting with people who may be infected with hepatitis b. It is now one of the recommended childhood vaccines and most kids finish their series by the time they are 1 years old! it is very safe and research has shown that it is not associated with any chronic illnesses such as ms. Receiving 3 doses of the vaccine will protect 90% of people against hepatitis b. If you have any other questions, contact your healthcare provider or employee health at your place of work.