Can you bleed heavy when spotting? I have had pregnancy symptoms and then 2 weeks after I had unprotected sex I started having white discharge then brownish discharge then I bleed light pink color then heavy which was dark red then light again then it sto

Spotting . Spotting and vaginal discharge can be associated with pregnancy, however they may represent another issue. If you have not had a normal peroid when due, i suggest you have a pregnancy test done either at home or in your doctor's office. If it is negative, you can wait another week and test again if your period is still late. If you are not pregnant and you continue to have discharge and spotting then you may be dealing with a vaginal infection and/or hormonal imbalance and i recommend making an appointment with your doctor. Good luck.
Pregnant ? With the details described, this kind of bleeding with pregnancy symptoms can result from a pregnancy outside the uterus (ectopic), so obtain a serum HCG test to be certain, and if positive, see your gyn physician immediately for an exam and testing.