Whats the difference between getting a breast lift and getting implants?

Lift vs. Augment. A breast lift will lift the nipple and make the breast appear perkier and more youthful. Breast implants will enhance the size of your breasts. I perform a combination procedure of breast lift with implants on many women. A breast lift with implants will not only raise the breast, but it will give more fullness in the top portion of the breast.
Change in size. A lift does just that- lifts and reshapes thr breast, size is usually unchanged. Implants increase the size of your breasts.
Different. Breast implants will increase the breast size without correcting droopiness or changing nipple position. A breast lift will lift and elevate nipple position. The procedures can be combined.
Breast lift vs aug. A breast lift re-positions the breast on the chest wall so that the nipple and breast are in a more normal position. Implants make the breasts bigger. Sometimes the two are combined, particularly after pregnancy, to restore the breast to a fullerl size and better position. There is more scarring with a breast lift because you must have at least a scar around the areola to re-position the breast.
Mastopexy. Watch my video on a type of breast lift called the 'cressent lift mastopexy': http://www. Cosmeticsurg. Net/procedure_videos/mastopexy_video. Php this breast lift technique results in minimal scaring of the breast.

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At what age can you get a breast lift/implants?

Depends. The fda guidelines for implants are 18 years for saline and 22 for silicone. Exceptions can be made for younger patients with certain types of breast deformities.
Breast Augmentation. If it is not for reconstructive reasons it is usually 18 years old. Http://www. Talroudnerplasticsurgery. Com/breast/breast-augmentation-miami-fl/.
18 and up. However, at age 18, sometimes the younger patients don't always fully understand the nature of what the breast lift can and can't do - so realistic expectations are important.
Physically mature. Although age 18 is typically the age of consent there are many other factors that may alter the age for performing surgery and his will include an assessment of your physically maturity, presence of deformity or asymmetry, age at which you may consider nursing, expectations and mental maturity, as well as the extent of the procedure required and many other factors.

Should I just get a breast lift or get a lift with implants?

Depends on anatomy. Implants will add volume and help with breast shape. A breast lift will remove loose skin and reposition the nipple and areola. So it really depends on what you need. The best thing is to have a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon to review your anatomy and discuss your options.
Depends... Which operation will achieve your goals will depend on your physical examination and your specific goals. Breast lifting will elevate your breasts on your chest wall; the use of implants will increase breast size/fullness. I would suggest you meet with board certified plastic surgeons, ask to see lots of examples of their work, and communicate your goals clearly. Goal pictures may be helpful. Best.
Breast Aug ; Lift. Seek a consult with an american board of plastic surgery certified surgeon experienced with these procedures. If you are happy with your breast size then a lift is what you need. If you want larger breasts or more fullness then you will need an augmentation as well. A combined breast aug ; lift is a more technically difficult operation usually with slightly higher revision rates.
Perennial question. Adding an implant helps upper breast fullness last- usually more or less indefinitely. But a large device is heavy and so works contrary to the lift. Solutions include staying with a smaller textured device that's not too high-profile, adding mesh or separating the procedures.

If a woman were to get a breast lift because of sag, but with no implants, do they count as fake breasts?

No. A breast lift is not the same as breast implants. "fake" is a term you never have to use, regardless of which choice you make. You have choices, including doing both a lift and implants. Take a friend with you to your plastic surgery consult, ask to see photographs of each option. Take time to contemplate which option will be best for you before committing. Okay to go for two opinions. Be well.
Need a little help. I would not consider these as "fake". It is of course natural for breasts to lose volume and support especially after weights gain/loss, pregnancy or with aging. A lift may help to restore a more youthful positioning of the breast on the chest wall. This will involve scars and may cause others to question you, so be prepared.
No. Breast lifting involves changing the position of the breasts (and nipple/areola complexes) on a woman's chest wall; this operation does not involve placement of a breast implant. Therefore, there is nothing “fake” that can be associated with breast lift surgery. Best wishes.

Is it better to get a breast lift at the same time as having implants removed and not replaced or is it better to remove then wait a few months first?

If time permits. If you have time to wait for another operation it would be better to wait and see how much the skin retracts so the breast lift can be optimal.
Depends. If you had obvious droop of the breasts either before the implants were placed, or now - then you may as well get the lift at the same time. If you had a normal, non-droopy breast shape, and your skin elasticity is ok, and there's no droop - you may just need implant removal. Usually over about 6 months, in those cases, the skin will tighten up and look ok. Speak with your local plastic surgeon.
Breast Lift Surgery. Each patient differs with the exact procedure that may work best for their circumstance. Some patients can proceed with both surgeries at the same time, others are advised to do the procedures in stages. A physical examination will be very important in determining what needs to be performed. I have attached a link to my website that discusses the procedures in detail. I hope this helps.

What is the best way to get a breast lift without surgery or implants?

Keep Dreaming. I am not aware of anything that will lift up the breast without surgery. A good bra will improve appearance as will increasing your muscle tone.
None. There are no effective, surgical or nonsurgical, ways to lift breasts without breast lifting surgery. Generally speaking, breast implants themselves are not effective at truly lifting breasts. Breast lifting will involve some degree of skin excision; this excision will allow for “tightening”/ lifting of the breast envelope. The resulting scars should be considered when contemplating surgery.
Nonsurgical lift. If father time and gravity have taken their toll on your breasts, the only option to give a lifted look is to perform a breast lift. The addition of implants is solely based on the desire for more volume. The type of life will depend on how fallen the breasts are. A small lift can be performed around the areola (dark skin around the nipple). More fallen breasts will need a bigger lift.
Sadly.... There isn't yet such a method. There are no lasers, creams, potions or treatments that work. Only surgical breast lifts, implants or fat grafting can re-shape the breast.
Bra -no sub for lift. If you require a lift, other than a bra or taping, there are no substitutes for a mastopexy. If you need volume replacement or augmentation, weight gain, external prosthesis, brava (external expansion) and hormonal manipulation are options that are not very popular.

I am wanting to get a breast lift without the implants but I weigh 236 what do you recommend?

Plastic surgeon. This can only be answered when you see a plastic surgeon in person. Make sure you find a reputable, board certified plastic surgeon in your area. You may also consider getting evaluated by several different surgeons to make your decision. Good luck!
See Plastic surgeon. Usually it is best to contemplate breast surgery after you have achieved a weight close to your ideal body weight. See your local Plastic or Cosmetic surgeon for a consultation and s/he can guide you.
Stable weight? BMI? If your BMI is over 30, a Johns Hopkins study showed that you may be at a 12 times greater risk of complications compared to normal BMI patients.

When consulting plastic surgeons for a breast lift 5 out of 5 recommended I get implants with the lift, why is this when I didn't even want implants?

Breast lifts alone. Unless you asked for a larger size, I'm puzzled to as to why you are told you need implants. No one needs implants but if you wanted more fullness in the upper poles or a much perkier and fuller look, implants may be needed to accomplish that. There are ways to avoid implants but you must be willing to accept the results that come from not using implants. Look up rubin mastopexy.
Not sure... Only use implants if : 1. You want to be a larger cup size, 2. Are hoping to minimize the length of the lift scars by filling out the skin, 3. Or want the full upper pole look that implants give. Otherwise, do the lift without implants.
Cleavage. It really depends on your breast and chest anatomy. A breast lift will tighten the skin and raise your nipple but it rarely gives the cleavage in the upper part of the breast that patients are looking for. An implant provides the projection and volume for a more youthful look with cleavage.
It depends. If you are happy with the size of your breasts then a lift is only necessary. If you want more fuller and or larger breasts then an implant is necessary to achieve this expectation.
Upper pole fullness. To restore fullness in the upper breast lost with time. If you don't want implants, don't get them. They are probably just suggesting them because, and I see this all the time, women come in for "droopy" breasts and "want a lift". When they/i mimic for the patient how it will look (perky nipple position but breasts still deflated up top), patient then asks how to get rid of deflation. Implants.
Choose wisely. Getting an opinion from 5 different board certified plastic surgeons implies that you haven't decided what to do. The person that you consult with will give you the best option and in this case it seems that besides having breast ptosis, you also have relatively small breasts in relation to your chest frame. Part of making an informed decision is understanding your choices and then choosing one.
Exprrience. Patients who believe they will be satisfied with a mastopexy alone are often not satisfied for very long because breast tissue is notorious for "bottoming out" (i.e. Recurrent sagging), sometimes within a distressingly short period of time. Implant provides somewhat of a scaffold for maintaining the shape and list of the upper pole.