Does chronic glomerulonephritis increase the risk of facial swelling following lower face lift surgery? I suffer from chronic glomerulonephritis which causes my knees, feet and face to swell occasionally. Would a lower face lift provoke a swelling episode

Facelift ; Kidney . I would think that your history of swelling elsewhere would certainly also apply to your face following facelift surgery. It however is not an independent contraindication for surgery - just that it will take a bit longer for recovery.
Swelling after facel. Yes the risk of swelling (prolonged) would be higher. This should not preclude surgery but be prepared for a longer convalescence.
Maybe. I would check with your kidney doctor to get cleared before any facial cosmetic surgery.
Best . Best is to obtain a full medical clearance from your nephrologist. Specifically ask him/her this question. Than discuss in detail with your chosen boarded ps. Regards dr. B.
Of course. Surgery causes post operative swelling. If you are thinking of having surgery discuss it with your nephrologist first. If your plastic surgeon thinks you may be a surgical candidate, have him discuss your medical condition with your nephrologist.
Even . Even without chronic glomerulonephritis you should expect pretty significant facial swelling after a facelift. With that diagnosis, though, it is very important for you to get medical clearance from your nephrologist to have surgery. He or she would best be able to say whether your kidney disorder creates additional risks to facelift surgery.