What's the difference between breast lift and breast augmentation?

Breast Lift vs Aug. A breast lift removes skin and raises the nipple to lift the breast to a new position while a breast augmentation enlarges the breast. A lift can sometimes appear as though the breast has been slightly augmented and an augmentation can sometimes cause a slight lift. Best to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss all of the options available.
LOTS!! Breast augmentation uses implants to increase breast size. Frequently as a result of filling up excess skin with implants the breasts are lifted. A breast lift is more complicated and involves rearranging breast tissue to lift the nipple and reshape the breast, with or without an implant.
Big difference! Mastopexies are used to restore ptotic or saggy breasts. The breast tissue is reshaped and then the excess skin is removed and redraped around the new breast mound. There is more visible scarring in these procedures compared to an augmentation. Enhancement uses an implant to add size and volume to a smaler breast. It is accomplished through very salk incisions compared to a lift. An impant can b.
Significant. Breast augmentation aims to simply enlarge the breast. The goal of a breast lift is to reposition the breast and nipple to an appropriate level on the chest wall presumably because these structures have transposed downward over time.
Yes. A lift, or mastopexy uses only surgery. Augmentation uses only implants or your own fat. Sometimes the two procedures are combined especially in women who've had children or weight loss.
Size versus Position. A breast augmentation is designed to increase the volume of the breast. A breast lift improves the nipple position and shape and removes loose skin. They are often combined.
Size and Position. A breast lift generally will maintain the same volume but rearrange the breast tissue and reposition the nipple to appear more "perky". Breasts do not change in size but may appear smaller. Breasts that have been augmented are strictly larger in size only. A lfit alone is shown on the left.

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Is breast implant removal needed during a breast lift? I had breast augmentation done 20 years ago, and I'm not sure if I need to have them removed. Now my breasts are sagging and I think I need a lift. If I have a breast lift, is breast implant removal a

Breast. Breast implants have a limited life span. After 15 years, the risk of implant failure increases dramatically, and continues to increase each year. Older silicone implants have a higher rupture rate compared to the ones we have today. Older saline implants have had problems with leakage due to faulty valves. When patients with breast implants are considering breast lift, I almost always recommend implant replacement at the time of breast lift. That way, everything is taken care of at the same time, and they don't have to worry for several years. Www. Dassmd. Com.
Your. Your implants are 20 years old and I suspect one or both are ruptured or leaking so I would exchange them. If you need a lift you can have them removed anda mastopexy performed. Whether ot put in new implants depends on what size you want to be. Most women will replace the implants.
Not needed: + advise. It is not absolutely necessary but I would advise that you truly consider removal, removal with replacement (larger or smaller or transition from saline to silicone or vice versa) or removal and fat transfer. There are many options for this and they should be discussed with a board certified plastic surgeon.
Best to Remove. Given that your breast implants are “20 years old”, it will be best to have them removed. Whether or not you choose to have breast implants replaced will be a personal decision depending on your goals. For example, if you wish to maintain breast size/fullness or superior pole volume breast implants may be “necessary”. It will be important for you to communicate goals carefully with your surgeon.
Consider exchange. I agree with my colleagues that removal of the implants is not the only option. Is very common to remove old her style implants and exchange with new implants to retain breast shape and size and to tailor the breast lift around the new implants. Be sure that your doctor is a well-trained, experienced, board certified plastic surgeon. All procedures carry some risks.
Yes. After 20 years I would advise replacing the old implants with new ones accompanied with a lift.
Depends. You may wish to have some studies to see if the implant is intact. The skin and tissue around the implant can often be reshaped around this implant or in combination with replacement of newer implants.
Commonly for 20yrold. We commonly remove 20year old implants and replace them at the same time as addressing the sagging of the breasts with a breast lift. Your plastic surgeon will get a pre-operative mammogram and sometimes an MRI to assess the breasts and implants. If you had silicone implants and they are ruptured or leaking then it requires a more involved procedure as well as a capsulectomy.
Change implants. You don't have to, but I would strongly recommend it. Chances of silent rupture (assuming these are silicone gel filled implants) are high. And if not, they have a high chance of near term rupture. And you will already "be under". Best of luck to you.

Planning to have breast augmentation, do I also have to have a mastopexy?

Have to? No... But. If you are choosing to have breast augmentation because your breasts have "deflated" after child-bearing and breast feeding, AND there is a lot of drooping, it may be a good idea. Breast augmentation puts a saline or silicone filled balloon under your breast or muscle. If you have a lot of drooping, that balloon will droop down too!!! A mastopexy lifts the breast up to a more youthful position.
Varies w/ amount sag. This will depend on the amount of sagging (ptosis). Options include: Crescent lift? Donut lift? Cicumvertical lift? Anchor lift? This will vary with the extent of the lift and this could involve minimal recovery in the range of 10 days or up to 6 weeks if combined with implants. However it may take upwards up 6 months for the breast results to be stable and the breasts settle.

If I'm planning to have breast augmentation, is it required that I also have a mastopexy?

Depends… Seek consultation with board-certified plastic surgeons who can demonstrate significant experience achieving the types of outcomes you would be pleased with. What type of breast operation will best achieve your goals will depend largely on your physical examination and personal goals. If you are presenting with breasts that are sitting low on your chest wall, mastopexy surgery may be indicated.
Maybe. A mastopexy or breast lift is needed when the breast and nipple are in a more ptotic (or saggy) position. That is seperate than a breast augmentation which adds volume. The 2 surgeries can be combined in many patients. You would need an exam and consultation with a plastic surgeon to know what is right for you.

Which has better results, a breast augmentation or a breast lift?

Both or neither. It depends on your evaluation and situation. A breast of adequate volume with mild sagging or dropping may be adequately corrected with a small augmentation only. A smaller breast with lots of sagging may need a lift, or a lift with an augmentation, depending on the desired final size. A qualified experienced board certified plastic surgeon should be able to advise you well.
Depends on goals. The number one question to ask is do you want to be larger. If yes, you may need both or just implants. If no, you may be a candidate for a lift.
Breast lift, implant. The results of breast augmentation and breast lift are determined by the woman's breast shape. If a woman desires volume and has little of no skin sagging, a breast augmentation is an excellent option. If a woman has a large amount of drooping to her breasts, than a breast lift with or without a breast augmentation will give the best results.
Depends. Both gives good results. But ultimate good result depends on the sagginess of the breasts and the desire of the patient to have larger breasts. If there is minimum sagging or no sagging breast augmentation will give the best result by itself. But, if there is sagging you must do lift with or without breast augmentation depending on the patient desire. These procedures are not mutually exclusive.
Augmentation vs Lift. A breast augmentation is performed to increase the volume of the patient's breasts while a breast lift help to restore youthfull "perkiness" which can be lost with age and childbirth.
Breast Options. A breast lift removes extra skin from your breast to restore a perkier shape. Breast augmentation uses an implant to increase the size of your breast and can help fill out loose skin. This is an oversimplification but basically they target different problems.
Both are good. This not an "either or" situation. Lifts address loose skin and breast sagging. Augmentation increases size. The procedures can be done separately or together. It all depends on the pateint's breast size and shape and, especially, on what the patient desires as a result.