Why has my 4 month old all of a sudden started spitting up so much? My four month old daughter has always spit up alittle, nothing out of the ordinary. Recently though, she has been spitting up a lot more that usual for her. She still has a good appetit

The . The most important thing to know is what her diet consists of. Is she formula fed, breastfed, or both? Have you recently changed formula? Have you recently started baby cereal? If so, what kind? All of these things are important factors in determining why she is spitting up more. If she is exclusively breastfed, then maybe something in your diet is not agreeing with her. I always start by telling my patients to cut out spicy foods, followed by dairy to see if this helps alleviate the baby's symptoms. If you recently changed formula (different brand or type) this could be the cause. Also positioning after feeding could be an issue, don't lay her down right after a feeding. Digestion chairs are a good option. If you started baby cereal already, it should be rice, and should be diluted with a lot of breast milk or formula. If not it's probably better to wait until the baby is 5-6 months old. In addition more serious issues can cause an increase in spit up, like reflux problems, and in severe cases anatomical abnormalities of the digestive tract/stomach. If the problem persists i suggest you have the baby evaluated by her primary care provider. Good luck.