Should I have surgery to remove the bone chip/chunk from my foot? 3 years ago I was playing ultimate frisbee, I jumped up and landed wrong and broke a bone in my right foot/ankle. At the time I thought I just sprained something, so I didn’t see a doctor.

Bone chip. Because you state you have a bone chip i will assume you have had x rays taken. If the chip is in a position to hurt you speak to your podiatrist who will guide you in making the decision that is right for you. Good luck !
Get it evaluated. You will need to have it professionally evaluated. You will need x-rays taken to determine the location and orientation of the fragment. If you have significant pain and your physician feels that removing the bone fragment will be beneficial, then you should consider having the fracture fragment removed.
You . You should have nerve conduction studies. Please specify if the numbness is at the top of your foot or at the sole.