Will this transition traumatize my son? I went through a rough divorce that set me back financially. I let my son live with my parents until I could get back on my feet. He has been with them for 16 months. I can now take proper care of him. Will taking h

This . This is a wonderful question and quite a difficult one for you I am sure. In the question, I am hearing that you would like to take your son back, but also recognize all that he has been through and although this is painful for you, you want to do the best thing for him. I hope that it is correct. First i will try to explain a little about change and stress and emotions in general, then i will try to apply it to your situation: any change for anyone is stressful, even when the change is good. If we get a new job and are so excited about it, it is still stressful. If we are happy to be getting a new car, it is still stressful. So you are right to wonder about your son's feelings. No matter what we do we have feelings about everything. Our feelings escalate and we get frustrated when people don't let us have our feelings, or tell us we shouldn't. Our feelings are eased and dissipate when they are accepted and understood. That doesn't mean agreed with. It just means the other person is letting us feel the way we feel and understanding how we could feel that way. That being said, as you have recognized, both you and your son have been through major life changes. But kids, above all, in the end and deep down, want and need their parent(s). He will certainly have feelings about the changes and the most helpful thing for both of you would be to seek counseling to help you both talk about these feelings and understand each other. Just the fact that you are asking shows your concern and caring and your awareness of the effect it will have on both of your emotions.