What's wrong with my pinky knuckle? How do I pop it back in place? I had just recovered from a boxers fracture on my 5th metacarpol head and when I took off the splint their was no knuckle to be found. When I close my fist and try to open it all the way m

Boxer's fractures... Typically angulate the head of the metacarpal (the "knuckle" ) toward the palm. If not reduced, it may heal in that position. Some angulation like that is ok, but if too angulated the finger will tend to collapse in a zig zag fashion. See a hand surgeon, get an xray, find out if further treatment is needed. Good luck!
This . This fracture is oftentimes allowed to heal with an acceptable amount of angulation. This angulation is what is causing the case of the "vanishing knuckle". Normally this is well tolerated. The ongoing pain should be evaluated further.