My left testicle hurts. My left testicle hurts when I put any amount of pressure on it. When I touch it, I get the "kicked in the nuts" feeling. I'm not sure if I bruised it or slept on it or something or if I should even be concerned. The pain isn't excr

Testicular . Testicular pain can be attributed to (but is not limited to) the following possible causes: 1. Epididymitis - testicle inflammation, may be caused by an infection 2. Hydrocele - scrotal swelling 3. Inguinal hernia 4. Kidney stones 5. Orchitis - inflamed testicle 6. Scrotal masses 7. Spermatocele - fluid buildup in the testicle 8. Trauma to the testicle 9. Uti seek medical attention if you experience sudden, severe testicular pain, if the pain is accompanied by fever/child/blood in urine, or pain that lasts more then 3 days.