What is the new "lifestyle lift" facelift?

A marketing term. This is a trademarked term used to convey a short scar facelift performed within an outpatient setting with minimal anesthetic (local) by a variety of different physicians/surgeons. Tothebeat of my ability, i cannot find a respected book, scientific article or peer reviewed journal discussing the technique.
Trademarked name. Lifestyle lift is the name of a procedure that is essentially the same as a mini facelift. If you are thinking of a facelift i would consult a board certified plastic surgeon to help guide you with your decision.
LSL really? The lsl is not new but it is very questionable as to happy results. Mini fl done by boarded surgeons in the correct candidate can achieve wonderful results. Just see more than the lsl center, see boarded pss in their own practices.
In Office Mini Lift. Be careful with "mini" lifts... They usually have "mini" results. I like to provide my patients with a "mini" experience that results in "maxi" results. No matter what, seek the advice of a board certified plastic or facial plastic surgeon before undergoing any facial aesthetic surgery. Good luck!
Suture based lift. The lifestyle lift is a heavily marketed suture based facelift. The quality of the lift can be variable, as there is not a great deal of standardization. Suture based lifts have been shown to be effective and long lasting, but depend on a skilled practitioner. For best results, seek a board certified facial plastic surgeon for consultation and their recommendations. Best wishes.
Controversial. The "lifestyle lift" is advertised as a minimally invasive face lift performed under local anesthesia. The longevity of the procedure is in question and most surgeons prefer traditional facelifting. The company has been involved in controversial marketing practices and settled a suit by the ny ag (cuomo). The company's claims of quicker recovery are also in question.
LifeStyle Lift . Lifestyle lift a trademarked brand name and also is a chain of facial cosmetic clinics with headquarters in troy, michigan. As advertised, the lifestyle lift is a minimally invasive, short scar lower face lift performed under local anesthesia by facial plastic surgeons, head and neck surgeons, and plastic surgeons. It is not a specific technique.
Simple really. The lifestyle lift is not actually a type of facelift at all. It really is a way to do a facelift safely and quickly under strictly local anesthesia. Most surgeons who perform lifestyle lifts use very standard techniques, they are simply done at a certain center that offers the "brand" of lifting.
Trademark. There are a lot of surgical procedures that have specific names so that they are easily recognized by the public. Doctors regularly attend educational conferences where new techniques and technologies are shared. There are very few "secret" procedures.
A shortcut procedure. Performed by under-trained, non asps practitioners who may not even be a surgeon or even an md that is designed primarily to increase cash flow per unit time. The unusual good result depends wholly on the presence of long permanent sutures which never hold up for more than a year. Cost is 70-115% of that for an actual face lift.
Short flap . Lifestyle lift is a short flap facelift. It is not a new procedure, and has provided good results for early aging face for years.
Faster recovery. It is a facelift that can be performed under local anesthesia and has much faster recovery(3-4 days). Also risks associated with facelift is markedly reduced. It gives a very natural look.
New "lifestyle lift" Hello, I really don't know. The lifestyle lift has been around for awhile. I'm not an advocate of this procedure. I can't explain why they have a "new" version. I have been performing my laser vertical lift with many long term, happy patients.