I need a diagnosis? My left ear has pressure in it but does'nt hurt, I have a little sinus pressure, my left tonsil is sore only from the outside of my neck and hurts up to my left ear, nausea, stiff neck, no fever, some chills, lightheadedness, tired, m

A . A diagnosis is very difficult to make without a proper history and physical. Based on your post it sounds like you may be dealing with a sinus, ear, or throat infection. However the stiff neck is a little worrisome because it could be a sign of meningitis (inflammation of the membranes surrounding your brain and spinal cord), typically meningitis is accompanied by fever. Regardless you need to be evaluated by a medical professional right away for work up, diagnosis, and treatment. Good luck.
Upper respiratory. Sounds like you have the after effects of a cold. The pressure in your sinuses is due to excess mucous causing pressure. The fullness in your is due to backed up fluid from your sinuses and nose. You have a swollen lymph gland in your neck which is causing pain and giving you a stiff neck. The phlegm from your sinuses and nose can make you nauseous and chills. You are tired because of the cold.