Drug dependency past surgery for back resulting in taking tramadol. When tramadol stopped. Withdrawal symptoms. Suboxone treatment. Resent hospitalization resulting. Whyin with drawal symptoms again. Have appt with Suboxone doctor. I continue to have wit

Tramadol! Becareful . Use of tramadol is not recommended in those with history of substance dependency. Many overlook this point. Suboxone is also an opiate and more potent than tramadol. Its best to start low and taper fast when detoxing from tramadol by using suboxone. Every situation is unique and these are generalizations. Support groups and consultation with an addiction specialist is advised. Best of luck.
If . If you are having trouble with your post-surgery pain management and medications, your best bet is to see a doctor who specializes in these problems. A pain specialist is a doctor who has specialized in either anesthesia, neurology or psychiatry and has concentrated their studies on the management of acute and chronic pain. Call your primary care doctor for a referral to someone they know and trust. A pain doctor will know how to navigate making you as comfortable as possible while minimizing side effects. Below i added a link to the cleveland clinic pain information and pain specialists near you.