I love my husband but our sex is too short to my satisfaction what can I do to help him keep the roll going he is sexy but can't last to satisfy me

Based . Based on your post it sounds like your husband is dealing with premature ejaculation. The most common cause for the problem usually has to do with psychological factors. Is he dealing with a life crisis, stress , depression, anxiety, sexual repression, issues with intimacy? If so, these things need to be addressed and dealt with. The help of a mental health professional would be ideal. Another issue that can contribute is substance abuse (alcohol, or other drugs). Maybe you should talk to your husband openly and honestly about this issue, you may be surprised as to why he thinks this happens. Hopefully together you can figure it out, and get him help if it's needed. Also there are many sex experts that may be of service. You both should decide as a couple how you will work to resolve this problem and what avenues you are willing to explore. Good luck.