I used a good amount of cocaine 5 days ago while very drunk. After that night I have felt disconnected and spacey. Will this eventually go away? How long does it take the brain to heal from this? (this was my first time using cocaine

It may take ... Several weeks to recover from your first exposure to cocaine. Remember that it is a neuro stimulant, resulting in overuse and depletion of your brain's natural neuro transmitters. Your thinking may not work right until they are replaced. Helpful supplements include anti-oxidants, b complex vitamins, vit c, and minerals.
The . The side effects following a Cocaine binge include lethargy, inability to concentrate, depression, irritability and headaches. These side effects can last for days. Cocaine is highly addictive, is very dangerous to the body (can cause heart problems, bleeding nasal and throat passages) and is habit forming. Long term effects on the body can be terrible mood swings, irritability, irrationality, paranoia and craving the use of the drug and obsession with obtaining and using it, where the addicted person's priorities become distorted to prioritize Cocaine use over work/family/friends. It is a dangerous addiction. The side effects should subside. If they do not seem to clear up, seek medical attention.