What is the best way to manage going bald? Accept it or spend a lot of money on hair replacement?

It't up to you. This is like all the other cosmetic issues. You only start thinking about doing a surgical procedure when you are not able to accept it anymore.
Depends. This is a personal question that only the individual can answer. Some people embrace their baldness. For others it is a devastating loss that greatly impacts their self esteem. I recommend seeing a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in hair transplant. She/he could discuss the options with you and help you determine the best course of treatment for you.
Hair replacement? If you are asking this question then you obviously don't want to be bald, but how much is "a lot of money". Spending a lot does not guarantee getting a good result, and getting a good result doesn't always mean spending a lot. I have done over 10,000 transplants over 36 years and yet charge less than almost anyone in the country.
Depends. The decision to pursue hair replacement surgery is intensely personal and hinges on the value one places on the importance of hair and appearance.
Personal choice. This is a very important question which only you can answer. There are medical and surgical treatments for hair loss which are safe and effective.

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What is the best hair replacement for balding women?

Follicular Unit HT. If your hair loss is localized to the top, crown and front of the head, you might be a good candidate for follicular unit hair transplantation. This will result in more density of hair in a natural fashion. Minoxidil topical will help stop hair loss and helps provide some hair growth, although limited. Read more...
Women transplants. I have been doing hair transplants for 36 years and almost 25% of my patients are women. Most doctors put the grafts in slits in the recipient area which just spreads the bald area. I use small punches to remove the bald skin between hairs. This creates more density.As long as the patient has sufficient donor hair the results are outstanding. If not then a wig is about the only other alternative. Read more...