Can a person with asthma take medication for a cold? My daughter who is 3 has asthma, and right now she have a cold, her doctor prescribed her cold medicine (liquid)...Everyone is telling me not to give it to her because she have asthma that people with as

Knowledgeable friend. Most "cold" medications have been studied thoroughly over decades. They were often routinely prescribed to any kid at almost any age. However, we now feel that they have little to offer any kid under age 12, if then. There may be a specific reason this was offered, but sometimes these are given as a reflex, to reward you for coming in. I don't use them, asthma or not at that age.
What kind? There are many cold medicines that can be used in asthmatics and some that should be used with caution. Your child's physician (i assume he/she is also treating her asthma) should be the best judge not "people". You can also check with your pharmacist to make sure, especially if you buy non-prescription drugs your pediatrician did not prescribe.
For . For every child (or adult) suffering with asthma, it is important to identify a list of factors that can worsen or trigger their asthma like exposure to smoke (including passive or indirect when the adults smokes "outside" the house), pet dander, pollen, and "cold" (viral upper respiratory infections). Typically i would advise against the use any over the counter cold medicine for children below two years of age. For older children, i would be interested to ask you what type of cold medicine was your daughter given - a decongestant or a cough suppressant. Using cough suppressant for an asthmatic can be problematic if coughing is one of the signs of your child asthma attack. So i advise to call your provider and share your concerns with him/her. And las but not least every asthmatic child should have an asthma action plan to guide you as a parent to help your child during as asthma attack or an illness. Make sure you use it or ask your provider to give you a copy at your next visit.