What are symptoms of sinus infection? I am dizzy and having blurred vision. No runny nose, no headache, a slight pressure on the bridge of my nose. I feel like I am coming off of a merry go round..

Examination. Sounds like sinusitis. You can try over the counter decongestants and ibuprofen. The dizzy is due to the inner ear adjacent to the sinuses being affected.
Your. Your symptoms do not suggest a sinus infection. Acute sinus infection mostly commonly follows a cold. After 10-14 days of a cold, and cold symptoms are not going away, you have to consider a sinus infection. The symptoms are nasal congestion, nasal discharge, thick postnasal drainage that is yellowish or greenish particularly soon after arising. Half of the patients will have sinus headache or pressure mostly commonly at behind the eye area. Chronic sinus problem (called chronic rhinosinusitis medically) has the same symptoms as above but lasting longer than 3 months. Many patients have the similar symptoms lasting for months or years. Fatigue occurs in 80% of patients. Other symptoms include plugged ears and cough.
See a doctor. Blurred vision and dizzy could be something more serious. Even if it is just a sinus infection, these symptoms warrant you seeing a doctor immediately.

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POSSIBLE sinus or. Ear condition. Please consider seeing an ENT doctor. He/she will examine you ears, nose, and throat and see what is going on. Peace and good health. If nothing is found, consider vitamin C 2X daily and have your vitamin D level checked for possible needed supplementation.