Sports are over for a while and i'd like to get on some medications... I've put off getting on medications for some issues I've been having for a while. In high school, I could get away with being unable to focus because, well, it was high school. Now tha

Anxiety . Anxiety is the most common reason people seek psychiatric consultation. So you are not alone. Medication can be helpful in to treat the symptoms. However, underneath the symptoms are the cause of the anxiety, panic, and difficulty sleeping. Anxiety is usually a secondary emotion to deeper emotions. Psychotherapy (considered to be therapy anything less than three times a week) and in particular, psychoanalysis (anything three or more times per week) can help understand the deeper emotions and change patterns that will eliminate the anxiety, panic and sleeping difficulties. It also sounds as though you might be coping with add and it may be helpful to be tested and treated for this as well. Being treated for the symptoms (with medication) can make a tremendous difference in one's productivity and therefore self-esteem. The best approach would be to see a psychiatrist that also specializes in psychotherapy. This way you will get good treatment for your symptoms with medications, but also have the option of psychotherapy. The psychiatrist with the most advanced training in psychotherapy are those trained in psychoanalysis. If you choose to look for someone, you may want to ask about contemporary analysis and call a few. Most of them will allow a phone interview for you to see if you are comfortable with them and if it is a good fit. Larger cities have psychoanalytic institutes that may offer some names, or reduced fee analysis by trainees that are supervised by senior analysts.