What is follicle replacement surgery for hair restoration?

Hair transplant. Hair transplant today is done with follicular units. This means that, one by one, a hair follicle is inserted into the scalp to produce a natural appearance.
Using single hairs. Follicular unit transplantation fut uses smaller grafts to restore areas of hairloss. Follicular unit extraction fue, harvests single hairs, sometimes 2 or three hairs areinthese smaller units. This technique enables more natural apering hairlines. Neograft is an excellent technique of fue and fut.
Vs strips/plugs/flap. Follicular unit transplantation refers to the transplant of individual hair follicles inserted into stab incisions. This leaves very small nearly imperceptible scars with excellent precision. It is time intensive. It is used as an alternative/supplement to linear strips of multiple hair follicles, plugs of hair or larger flaps of hair-bearing skin.
Latest form. Current use of "follicular unit grafts" has improved the natural appearance sought by most candidates. It avoids the "plug" look that was so common years ago. It provides an opportunity to create very natural frontal hair lines in contrast to the old strip grafts.
Hair transplant. A strip of hair is removed from the back of your scalp. The individual hair follicles are cut out under a microscope and then these individual hair follicles are transplanted into the area of your scalp that has no hair growth.